Medicine Unboxed is a series of events that asks questions of medicine and society, of their shared responsibility of care in the world. Our events are for the public, for health professionals, for all of us who are or one day will be patients.

We see that, despite its progress, medicine still faces huge moral, political and social challenges, and that these demand more of us than just scientific knowledge—they call for a deeper engagement with humanity, with its fragility and its duty in turn to others and to a fragile world.

We work to arrive at this through wider arcs of knowledge, particularly the arts, to garner wonder, reverence, and connectedness.

Medicine Unboxed line of poster designs
Medicine Unboxed has held sell-out events exploring the interface between medicine and the arts including VOICE (2012), BELIEF (2013), FRONTIERS (2014), MORTALITY (2015), WONDER (2016), MAPS (2017), LOVE (2018) and MATTER (2023).

A complete video archive of MATTER is available on Vimeo, and as a podcast on Soundcloud, Spotify and other services. Our events from 2012 are also available on Vimeo.

Medicine Unboxed also created VOICES, a series of conversations exploring the fragility and wonder of life, human mortality, social justice, science and care as viewed through medicine and the arts.

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